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Over the past year, I have been working towards completing a certification in UX design. Below are the projects that contain case studies involving the entire research, ideation, testing and implementation process.

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Black Dahlia Flower Dealer Case Study

Creating an accessible marketplace to buy and send flowers through a local florist where apps have barely been explored.

Biltmore Barn
Case Study

Creating an accessible website to book a wedding date for this specific venue while being able to set a budget, browse through and connect with multiple vendors.

Biltmore Barn UX Design Project_Thumbnail
Pinch UX Design Project_Thumbnail

Pinch Case Study

Creating an accessible way for volunteers to find community service opportunities near them based on a variety of filters through a mobile app and website.

UX Design for KST Website

While working at the Keri Shull Team, I was asked to help with the UX design of the new website. I was able to provide a few designs before leaving the company, which consisted of the departments page, the individual real estate agent bio page, and the agent team page. I was able to make sure that the website used the correct fonts and stuck to the brand visual guidelines of the company while also making the design up to accessibility standards.

UX Design for KST

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