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I have built brand visual guidelines consisting of logo design, building color palettes, determining typography, imagery, elements, and inspiration to be aligned with the brand. I have also worked on marketing collateral, social media templates, business cards, and more. 


The Waterman's Wife Logo FINAL WEB 10-2018

Seafood Company Logo

This logo was created to support an already existing company that didn't have a logo. I used playful, yet legible lettering that played with waves and fish hook to relate to the seafood aspect.


Seafood Company Logo Icon

I created this logo icon to be an extension of the logo, but to be a bit more simplified. This is to be used on smaller applications where the logo would be a bit harder to read, for instance on the favicon of a website,

Happy Alpaca Logo Black FINAL

Clothing Brand Logo

Danielle Skowronek_Secondary Logo

Marketing Consultant Logo

Nadia Khan Estates_Transparent Logo

Real Estate Agent Logo

Cassie's Crohines Logo

Crohns Chapter Logo

Kauffman Kim Logo Icon FINAL

Accounting Firm Logo

Blabcast Logo_Color

Podcast Logo

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