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New Homeowners in Baltimore (not my home)!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I got asked to do my first custom home drawing and I was so excited because I absolutely love watercolor, modern calligraphy, and drawing architectural type drawings.

A great mix of watercolor and ink

I love how delicate a watercolor portrait can look especially when certain artists draw loose watercolor florals and wreaths. But, with my OCD tendencies, I like to have a little bit of structure especially when it comes to drawing something that has plenty of lines. The way that I tackled this piece was first starting out by sketching the piece in pencil first. Then, I outlined the entire drawing in Tombow Fudensoke pen and lastly, I added the watercolor layers. I really enjoyed doing this piece and luckily after posting this on my IG, I was asked by two other people to create a custom home drawing for them. Hopefully, I will get cleaner, more delicate details with each piece I do! Until next time, it's a wonderful day to create!

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