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An Abstract Painting with a Hint of Baltimore

When it comes to abstract paintings, people usually just give me a few specific colors to incorporate. But, this time, I was told to add some elements of Baltimore into it because he wanted to hang it in his office which is located near Baltimore.

A Painting that Threw me for a Loop

This painting was so much fun to create, but I would be lying if I said that it was a walk in the park. There were a solid 2-3 time that I really thought that I just needed to start from scratch or I kept thinking to myself, "where the actual heck am I going with this"? But, I decided to take a short break during those moments to step away and come back fresh minded. Also, realizing that you just need to take a deep breath and understand that not everything turns out the exact way you want it to on the first try was what saved me through this process. Sometimes, you have to mess up a little in order for you to make things just right.

Check below to watch my progression!

Reach out for your own Custom Painting!

Do you absolutely love this painting and are thinking you want a custom piece for your home? Well, then head over to my contact page and fill out a custom inquiry form, so we can get the process started!

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